Precision Rail and Mfg. is the world’s largest and only ISO 9001:2015 producer of rail car retarders in North America. Our products are deployed and trusted by every Class 1 railroad. In addition to being found throughout North America, our products are utilized in industrial applications in South America, as well as worldwide.

Our company was founded in 1968 as a machining job shop.  We entered the rail markets by doing re-manufacturing work for the Milwaukee Railroad. Due to our quality workmanship Union Switch & Standard entered into an agreement with Precision Rail and Mfg. to manufacture all of its clasp retarders. In 1999 Precision Rail acquired the E-160 and F4 product lines from General Railway & Signal (GRS). Our last acquisition took place in 2002 when we purchased the Pneumatic retarder product line from ABC Naco. With this acquisition, Precision Rail and Mfg. established itself as the only OEM of pneumatic and hydraulic retarders.

Our pneumatic, hydraulic and inert car retarders process rail cars, wagons, carriages and bogies worldwide. We service the rail yard, mining, port, and automotive markets by providing car holding capabilities as well as speed control devices. With on-site full time engineers ranging from designers to mechanical engineers and electrical engineers together, with two full time Technical Support Representatives, it’s no wonder why Precision Rail and Mfg. has a reputation for superior customer service and product support.

We invite you to discover how Precision Rail and Mfg. can help you make your rail car processing operation run safer and more efficient.