Looking to make your E-160 retarder more efficient, look no further. Compatible with all E-160 type retarders, the Precision Rail and Mfg. E-160 HPU offers features not found on competitive models. Let’s start with the industry’s largest tank; more oil means more cooling time and on extremely hot days you can’t afford to shut down due to overheating. Furthermore, Precision Rail and Mfg. offers the only thermostatically controlled cooling package in the industry. If you are in a climate that has extreme temperature changes we have that covered. We offer two thermostatically controlled heating packages specified to your individual needs.

Like any quality package the HPU mechanical unit is only as good as the underlying electrical controls. By incorporating a control system with easy to read screens a yard maintainer can troubleshoot the system with the push of a button. The screen displays faults and gives a signal where to start the troubleshooting process. Additionally the control package has many advance features to assist with maintaining the E160 retarder system (i.e. an indication message notifying the system on when to change the filters on the power unit).