The Gripper retarder air control system works with all Model 96 pneumatic retarders as well as legacy retarder products as well as competitor pneumatic retarders and retarder yard control systems.

Fast acting, low maintenance and ideal for cold weather applications, The Gripper is the industry’s most customizable air control unit on the market. By offering three different control packages, multiple control voltages and two cold weather packages the Gripper was specifically designed for the rail market. By introducing the industry’s first cartridge style valve manufactured specifically for the railroad industry we have taken the wear points and made them removable. This means that every time you replace a worn valve cartridge you essentially have a new control unit. The competition’s valve is built around a standard off the shelf-system with the valve in the main block. It may need to be replaced more frequently due to side loading.

Compressed air safety is always a factor and with that in mind Precision Rail and Mfg. has incorporated the only lock out tag out safety system for air control valves. This lock out tag out system is designed to remove all pressure from the retarder system before it can be serviced. Precision Rail and Mfg. has provided a push to read gauge to verify the system is free of all stored energy and thus is safe to be serviced.

The Gripper – Fast, Innovative, Customizable, and built specifically for railcar processing.