HNK’s state-of-the-art spindle design offers high machining rigidity including ultra-precision paired bearings for long nose spindle head control for the quill which allows extended reach into and around parts.

The HB130 also has effective cooling to control thermal expansion compensation which is critical for a large machine to maintain extreme tolerances part to part as environmental conditions change throughout the day.

The combination rotary table (B-Axis) gives near infinite rotation locations and repeatability to plus/minus 3 arc sec.

QuantityManufacturerTypeX in. (cm)Y in. (cm)Z in. (cm)Quill in. (cm)Table SizeTable Load# of ToolsH.P
1HNKHB130  118
63” (160cm) x 70” (178cm)33,000lbs (14,968kg)6035